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Marpex Chemicals was established in 1984 to provide a comprehensive service to producers of paints, adhesives, textiles, inks and building products in UK markets as well as outside Europe - primarily the Middle East and West Africa.


From our offices on the outskirts of London we arrange deliveries of a wide range of quality raw materials which we source from leading manufacturers worldwide. Our expertise in all aspects of procuring and moving goods has resulted in us becoming a leading supplier to manufacturing industries in our market territories.

Marpex Chemicals supplies just about any raw material which might be needed, and we control the entire process of moving goods from factory to destination to ensure minimum delays of your consignments. We are also able to consolidate mixed container loads of smaller items at our warehouse in Essex, again ensuring safe and efficient carriage to final destination.




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Marpex Chemicals is able to supply a comprehensive range of raw materials to producers of paints, adhesives, inks, textiles and building products.


We are proud of our affiliations with major manufacturers, which have been developed over many years. They depend on us to promote and supply their products in the overseas markets.


Some of the well-known products* we deal with are listed below:


  • Huntsman Tioxide titanium dioxides
  • Various emulsions
  • Tylose cellulosic thickeners
  • PQ Corp alumino-silicates and silicas
  • Markyd solvent based resins
  • Delacarb hydrocarbon resins
  • BYK-Additives
  • Delferrox synthetic iron oxides
  • Parmetol in-can and dry-film preservatives
  • Acti-chem octoate paint driers
  • Aqueous pigment dispersions
  • Aldoro aluminium pastes and bronze powders
  • Solvents - virgin and recovered
  • Phenolic and glycerol maleic resins
  • Additives - driers, antiskin, dispersants, etc.


One of the attractions of the service we offer is the ability to consolidate smaller quantities of various materials into full container loads, thereby offering a saving on associated costs, such as freight, documentation, bank charges, importation and clearance charges etc.


Please contact us to find out more about the products and services we can offer.


*Not all products are available in all countries because of existing agreements.

Other group companies

Marpex Chemicals is part of Cathay Investments Limited, which own a number of companies in the chemical distribution and other industries. Cathay invests in developing group companies to achieve their full potential and provide positive experiences for clients, their customers and trading partners. Being part of a much larger organisation allows Marpex to fully utilize the group's resources and provide a greater service to its customers.


Our group companies include:



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